Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! This year I learned a few new things about Christmas that I never knew before coming to live with Ace and Mom and Dad....

For example, did you all know that Christmas is a time for dressing up?!
My Mom and Dad just LOVED me in my new "Santa Patrol Chimney Watch" hat! I wasn't thrilled with the way it squished my ears down, but I am a good sport after all and I was eager to meet this "Santa Claws" person.

Speaking of which, it seems that Christmas is also a time for waiting. I waited for Santa Claws for quite a while, but then the music and the nice lights from the tree in our living room made me soooo sleepy...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzAlso Christmas is a time for presents!! Look what Santa Claws brought for me!! Now there will be no doubt about whose food dishes they are!

I think I love Christmas.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bend it like Pinky!

Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing very well. Only 23 days until Christmas!! I am not sure what that means, but everybody seems excited so I am too! My mom says that there will be a tree in our house! That's kind of weird... but also very exciting!
One thing I am not very excited about is this cold weather, as my morning walks are pretty chilly. brrrrrrrr! Of course, the rain and cold do give Ace and I more reason for snuggling on the couch and playing inside. When it's raining I prefer not to do outside zoomies anyway.

For the past couple of months, my mom has been trying get me to co-star in what she calls a "moo-vie." At first I would run as soon as I saw that she had the annoying little box in her hands, but when she kept mentioning how talented I am at soccer, (or "footy" as my English Bull Terrier friends call it), I decided to "co-op-er-ate." At least that's what my mom calls it when I let her watch my practice games with Ace.

Anyhow, here is a "moo-vie" of ME, Pinky Deluxe, enjoying the nice weather back in October and doing what we do best!

Wait, my mom says for me to announce it properly....."Introducing Pinky Deluxe and Ace in "Bend it like Pinky" The heartwarming and inspiring tail of a young Pit Bull's journey to becoming the world's greatest football player."
And by doogies here it comes....hope you like it!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I want to be a K-9 Good Citizen!

Happy Fall to Everyone! Life has been very exciting lately...

Yesterday we went to Ber-ke-ley to my school and guess what? Nice Lady and Nice Mister said I graduated to the next grade! Isn't that exciting? Now my Mom and me will be working very hard to prepare me to take my "CGC" test.

My Mom says it's really a shame that "playing soccer" and "helping in the garden" are not on that test because I am really good at both! She even took pictures of me to show you!

My Mom says that when I pass that test I will be something called a "K-9 Good Citizen" and everybody I love will be so proud of me and that she will put my certificate in a frame in the playroom! Wow! Until then I am going to practice real hard on my "stay"and "down" and "sit" and also "waiting patiently" while my Mom goes away for three entire minutes and leaves me with the nice lady or nice man giving me my test! Whew, that "waiting" one sounds a little scary to me, but Mom says I am very brave and I will be just fine after we get some practice.

(My mom said to include a link to more information on the CGC test for all of you out there, so here it is: http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/training_testing.cfm)

My Mom also said that we have to start thinking about teaching my little brother some school stuff too pretty soon, so I have been helping her with that too...

All of this studying is tiring! My Mom says that it's important that I get a good sleep while I am preparing for my big test.

Here I am with my pink kitty blanket working very hard on getting really "good sleeps!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

My New Life

Hi everybody! It's me, Pinky. I just wanted to let all of you nice people know that I am really enjoying living in my new home here in the sunny Central Valley. I think my bones like the heat because I have been feeling like a pup!

This is a photo of me and my little brother, Ace. He looks small, but boy can he play! When we really get going in the living room Mom and Dad have to run for cover. We think it's pretty funny.

Sometimes we like to play in the yard and while I dig a nice deep hole, Ace mows the lawn with bub-bul-es!

They are hard to catch and taste like soap!
Then we fill the hole up with water and make mud.
Mud helps to keep our coats glossy and soft, I think.

We also take long walks every morning to the park and then we come home and lay down on the couch for a rest. It's pretty tiring looking after a baby, but my Mom says I am a great big sister.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am finally home

Where have I been you ask? I didn't disappear!

I've had a great summer meeting new friends all over the place since I came to Nice Lady and Nice Mister's house last winter. After a lot of fun with them, they told me I needed to "go out in the world and learn how to be brave", so I did. They sent me to live with Aunt Katie. Aunt Katie took me everywhere and my friends Toby and Sydney showed me how to not be afraid in new places. Such a fun summer being brave!

Lots of people asked to bring me home. Isn't that nice? Nice Lady told me that we needed to wait until my bones could tell us what they needed to be strong. I never heard of talking to bones before, but it seemed important.

We met many people called veterinarians who can talk to bones. They all stared at my knees and talked with serious voices about my "condition." I went to see a bunch of those people. They used big words like "dysplasia" and "arthritis" and "pain main-ten-ance."

They scratched their heads and stared at me some more. One nice man vet told us that I was broken in a lot of places - my knees, my elbow and even my hip weren't "made right." No wonder it feels funny sometimes when I get up in the morning. Aunt Katie gives me a special treat everyday that takes the pain away. She says I get these treats for the rest of my life.

Once the nice people knew more about my insides, they asked Special People Lindsay and Rich if maybe they still wanted me. Special People smiled big and said "Of course we do!" So I got to go home today and start my new life in my very own house. Special People have a little baby named Ace, so I get to be a big sister. I'm so excited.

It's been a fun summer. So many people kissed me and said they would miss me. I never knew I'd get so much love in this new life I have. It makes all my broken parts feel just perfect.

Welcome Home Pinky! With special thanks to Katie (left), Dr. Schwach and Deassa Binstock and the vet staff at Silverado Vet Hospital. And special thanks to Lindsay and Rich for waiting.. and waiting ... and waiting for your perfect little dog.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my best friends like to chew on me

since I've been here with my nice foster people, I've been eating good food and taking things called sup-ple-ments. the people tell me that I'm building muscles that are helping my knees to work. that must be true, since I don't fall down anymore and I can run like the wind.

they say I may be able to wait a little while before I get new knees, which sounds good to me.

and now I have a new job. while I work on getting healthy, my people brought me this puppy here to keep me happy. the people say I'm doing a good job with teaching him stuff about how to play.

his name is elliot and he sure likes to chew on me a lot.

the people say that's because he's getting new teeth. I guess that means we have something in common .. elliot is waiting to get new teeth just like I'm going to be getting new knees.

I wonder how long this will all take?

I never knew helping puppies grow up right could be so much fun. but wow! he sure likes to chew on me!

all this work makes me ...

.... sooo ....

..... sleeeeeeepy.


Monday, March 22, 2010

my new friend penny

Nice lady and nice mister have been dealing with things they call "res-cue-emer-gen-cies" a lot. I don't know what that means, but they sure are moving around a lot and talking on that thing they call the telephone and acting worried sometimes.

They said I should have a friend to keep me company while we wait for it to be my turn to be important. So Penny came to stay for a couple of weeks and we're having LOTS of fun together.

She's got a big voice. I think she's funny and I think she likes me too. Here we are trying our best to be quiet while the nice people sleep.

I don't think we were too good at that tho.'

Monday, March 1, 2010

sunday with the pinks

finished my kong ball.

what should I do now?

mebbe it's time for a little nappy. mmmmmmm.

that was good.

wonder if I should get up now?

wha? ... wassat? is someone goin outside?
gotta go!

fresh grass. yummy.

I think I hear the spring. it's coming, it's coming!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new knees for me!

A lot's happened since I got bonafide. The nice people that take care of me told me that I sit funny because my knees are broken and need to be fixed. Maybe that's why it hurts to get up in the morning? Sometimes I try to run to see my people but then I fall down.

The nice doctor that spaded me twisted my legs around like a pretzel (ouch!) and she said I got a Grade 3 for one knee and a Grade 4 for the other knee. I wonder if that means I got good grades?

My foster people told me I don't need to worry about a thing and that they're going to buy me some new knees. Isn't that nice? I wonder when the new knees will get here. Until they do, I'm going to be very very good so they know that I'm looking forward to my new gift.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I get "bonafide" today

Nice Lady woke me up real early today and told me I was going to a place to get spaded (?) so I could be "bonafide." She said it was a good thing and smiled a lot, but then she must've forgot to feed me because she put me in the thing called a car without making breakfast and then she smiled some more.

My stomach felt real funny on the windy roads to the spaded place, so I threw up all over the car seat. Yuk. Nice Mister said that's okay because everyone else throws up here, too. The lady said I needed more practice in the car-thing, which does not sound like much fun to me.

The doctor at the spaded place was really nice and told me I was "a little shy," so I pushed my head into her lap so she could see that I liked her. I think it worked. She smiled and hugged me and my stomach felt a little better.

My friend Mikey came with us to get herself bonafide today, too. Nice Mister was in a good mood and talked about how brave she was being in this new place. They said something about Mikey being a bust dog but she didn't look so busted to me. They told the doctor lady that Mikey would be leaving us soon so she could start a very important new job somewhere else, but we aren't supposed to talk about that or it could get "jinxed." I don't know what that means, but getting bonafide sure sounds important.

I have to spend the night here in this place and come home tomorrow. It's scary, but people here are kind, so I will try hard to be brave like Mikey.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

No more 'Stinky Pinky'

My foster people say I'm something called "house-trained" now, which I guess is good since they don't plug their noses in the mornings when they see me or call me Stinky Pinky anymore.

I like to potty outside with my new dog friends in the spot where they showed me. We even get to do zoomies together after we're done. It's super cool.

Here I am with my new friend Honky Tonk.

Honky's ears are broke so he listens real close to Nice Mister with his eye instead. My ears work good. I love to hear the new people say "Good girl!" They say it all the time, so I listen real close so I can hear it again since it makes me feel good.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Settling In"

My stomach still felt bad today, so Nice Lady gave me some rice and canned pumpkin for breakfast. She said she hopes it helps me stop doing something called di-ar-rhe-a. She plugs her nose a lot when she cleans up after me, so diarrhea must not be good.

Nice Mister got really happy today and all I had to do was smile at him. Easy! He said this means that I'm doing something called "settling in," which must be good since it makes him smile, too.

I'm going to try my best to do some more of this since it's SO much fun and it seems to make everybody in Oak-land feel really good. "CHEESE!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Where AM I?

Let's see....One minute I was in a cage in this scary place called a shelter, the next minute some smiling people were coo'ing to me and telling me I was going to someplace called Oak-land. Is that good? They were smiling, so it must be good.
I spent my first night in something called a dog crate in this place called Oak-land. I listened very carefully to try to figure out where I was. I heard other dogs walking around, and the nice people talking and every now and then, they would peek in and smile at me and tell me that I was "very cute." Hmm. I slept SO good my first night, but when I woke up, I had to poo on my new blanket because I didn't know what else to do! I barked to get OUT because it smelled really bad and I didn't want to be near it. YUK!
The Nice Lady showed up and laughed and told me not to worry about it. She said I'd learn something called a "schedule" and somehow this would help me know when to poop and where I could go besides my new blanket. I hope so.
She took me outside to show me what Oak-land looked like, then gave me food. I wasn't very hungry - my stomach felt funny from all the changes. Nice Lady brought out a small box and pointed it at me and told me she needed to show everyone what I looked like so they could find me a name.
I'm not too crazy about that small box. It hurts my eyes when it flashes a bright light at me so I tried to close them every time she pointed at me. Ugh. Please stop.
Nice Mister was so happy to see me when he woke up that he waved his hands at me and moved so fast. It scared me, so I tried to run away back to my dog crate. SCARY!
This made Mister pretty sad. I heard him say that I was something called "hand shy" and he got down on the ground and called me over and said 'Sorry' and told me he would try not to scare me again. I felt bad for running away from him, so gave him some kisses to make him feel better. I think we'll be good friends.