Monday, January 18, 2010

"Settling In"

My stomach still felt bad today, so Nice Lady gave me some rice and canned pumpkin for breakfast. She said she hopes it helps me stop doing something called di-ar-rhe-a. She plugs her nose a lot when she cleans up after me, so diarrhea must not be good.

Nice Mister got really happy today and all I had to do was smile at him. Easy! He said this means that I'm doing something called "settling in," which must be good since it makes him smile, too.

I'm going to try my best to do some more of this since it's SO much fun and it seems to make everybody in Oak-land feel really good. "CHEESE!"


  1. what a beautiful girl you are! I love those ears and that face! I am sure you will find an amazing home

  2. That grin! It made me get all teary eyed, I wanted to hug you SO bad. So adorable.

  3. Pinky, you simply could not be more adorable.

  4. Pinky, what funny expressions you have! Adorable. Very much like me, Lady. I am a blue pit bull. Lets be friends.