Monday, October 25, 2010

My New Life

Hi everybody! It's me, Pinky. I just wanted to let all of you nice people know that I am really enjoying living in my new home here in the sunny Central Valley. I think my bones like the heat because I have been feeling like a pup!

This is a photo of me and my little brother, Ace. He looks small, but boy can he play! When we really get going in the living room Mom and Dad have to run for cover. We think it's pretty funny.

Sometimes we like to play in the yard and while I dig a nice deep hole, Ace mows the lawn with bub-bul-es!

They are hard to catch and taste like soap!
Then we fill the hole up with water and make mud.
Mud helps to keep our coats glossy and soft, I think.

We also take long walks every morning to the park and then we come home and lay down on the couch for a rest. It's pretty tiring looking after a baby, but my Mom says I am a great big sister.