Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I get "bonafide" today

Nice Lady woke me up real early today and told me I was going to a place to get spaded (?) so I could be "bonafide." She said it was a good thing and smiled a lot, but then she must've forgot to feed me because she put me in the thing called a car without making breakfast and then she smiled some more.

My stomach felt real funny on the windy roads to the spaded place, so I threw up all over the car seat. Yuk. Nice Mister said that's okay because everyone else throws up here, too. The lady said I needed more practice in the car-thing, which does not sound like much fun to me.

The doctor at the spaded place was really nice and told me I was "a little shy," so I pushed my head into her lap so she could see that I liked her. I think it worked. She smiled and hugged me and my stomach felt a little better.

My friend Mikey came with us to get herself bonafide today, too. Nice Mister was in a good mood and talked about how brave she was being in this new place. They said something about Mikey being a bust dog but she didn't look so busted to me. They told the doctor lady that Mikey would be leaving us soon so she could start a very important new job somewhere else, but we aren't supposed to talk about that or it could get "jinxed." I don't know what that means, but getting bonafide sure sounds important.

I have to spend the night here in this place and come home tomorrow. It's scary, but people here are kind, so I will try hard to be brave like Mikey.


  1. You'll be fine, Pinky. And when you get home - just think! - all of that extra love just for you!

  2. You will be just fine Pinky and you will get lots of love and attention when you get home :)

  3. PINKY Time will fly and next thintg you Nice Mister and Nice :Lady will have spmething nice;for your hungry belly Rifght now I am covering you up all over with wet ;little piggy kisses. I love you my brave Pinky!
    Your Gem

  4. Be brave, little Pinky! Don't worry, the V-E-T may be scary, but they're really nice too. And when you get home... oooh you'll get all the extra love.

  5. Good luck with the spay! I hear the vet is a fun place with lots of good treats--at least that's what Miss M. believes.

  6. oh we will keep our paws crossed you
    boy you are quite a most bewootiful woggie
    wanna be furryends???
    pibble sugars and wiggles from the wee ones
    the houston woggie pack