Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my best friends like to chew on me

since I've been here with my nice foster people, I've been eating good food and taking things called sup-ple-ments. the people tell me that I'm building muscles that are helping my knees to work. that must be true, since I don't fall down anymore and I can run like the wind.

they say I may be able to wait a little while before I get new knees, which sounds good to me.

and now I have a new job. while I work on getting healthy, my people brought me this puppy here to keep me happy. the people say I'm doing a good job with teaching him stuff about how to play.

his name is elliot and he sure likes to chew on me a lot.

the people say that's because he's getting new teeth. I guess that means we have something in common .. elliot is waiting to get new teeth just like I'm going to be getting new knees.

I wonder how long this will all take?

I never knew helping puppies grow up right could be so much fun. but wow! he sure likes to chew on me!

all this work makes me ...

.... sooo ....

..... sleeeeeeepy.