Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new knees for me!

A lot's happened since I got bonafide. The nice people that take care of me told me that I sit funny because my knees are broken and need to be fixed. Maybe that's why it hurts to get up in the morning? Sometimes I try to run to see my people but then I fall down.

The nice doctor that spaded me twisted my legs around like a pretzel (ouch!) and she said I got a Grade 3 for one knee and a Grade 4 for the other knee. I wonder if that means I got good grades?

My foster people told me I don't need to worry about a thing and that they're going to buy me some new knees. Isn't that nice? I wonder when the new knees will get here. Until they do, I'm going to be very very good so they know that I'm looking forward to my new gift.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I get "bonafide" today

Nice Lady woke me up real early today and told me I was going to a place to get spaded (?) so I could be "bonafide." She said it was a good thing and smiled a lot, but then she must've forgot to feed me because she put me in the thing called a car without making breakfast and then she smiled some more.

My stomach felt real funny on the windy roads to the spaded place, so I threw up all over the car seat. Yuk. Nice Mister said that's okay because everyone else throws up here, too. The lady said I needed more practice in the car-thing, which does not sound like much fun to me.

The doctor at the spaded place was really nice and told me I was "a little shy," so I pushed my head into her lap so she could see that I liked her. I think it worked. She smiled and hugged me and my stomach felt a little better.

My friend Mikey came with us to get herself bonafide today, too. Nice Mister was in a good mood and talked about how brave she was being in this new place. They said something about Mikey being a bust dog but she didn't look so busted to me. They told the doctor lady that Mikey would be leaving us soon so she could start a very important new job somewhere else, but we aren't supposed to talk about that or it could get "jinxed." I don't know what that means, but getting bonafide sure sounds important.

I have to spend the night here in this place and come home tomorrow. It's scary, but people here are kind, so I will try hard to be brave like Mikey.