Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my best friends like to chew on me

since I've been here with my nice foster people, I've been eating good food and taking things called sup-ple-ments. the people tell me that I'm building muscles that are helping my knees to work. that must be true, since I don't fall down anymore and I can run like the wind.

they say I may be able to wait a little while before I get new knees, which sounds good to me.

and now I have a new job. while I work on getting healthy, my people brought me this puppy here to keep me happy. the people say I'm doing a good job with teaching him stuff about how to play.

his name is elliot and he sure likes to chew on me a lot.

the people say that's because he's getting new teeth. I guess that means we have something in common .. elliot is waiting to get new teeth just like I'm going to be getting new knees.

I wonder how long this will all take?

I never knew helping puppies grow up right could be so much fun. but wow! he sure likes to chew on me!

all this work makes me ...

.... sooo ....

..... sleeeeeeepy.



  1. I must be really patient to be able to deal with a chewing puppy. I like how you both have matching ear-styles.

  2. Not sure if I should let Darrell see this....since we will be DRIVING on our next trip to Oakland. Driving means easy transport for dog(s). Hopefully Pinky and Loretta will have homes by the time we visit. Otherwise, we may be in trouble. LOL


  3. What a good puppy you are to let Elliot chew on you so much! It looks like you are a very good teacher because Elliot sure does know how to play! I hope you get a nice long nap so you can play a little longer with Elliot when you wake up!
    -April & Daisy-

  4. you are as kind ash you are bewootiful
    your new furry brofer ish furry full of the handshums too
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  5. You are gorgeous Pink! If I was there I would kiss your splodgy nose.

  6. What a good mentor you are, Pinkie! It takes a special sort of girl to allow that much chewing!

  7. Nothing more delicious for a Husky than a great big mouthful of Pit Bull! Great pictures!

  8. Pinky, you have stolen my heart.

  9. I don't know Pink, it doesn't look like that much fun to me. Elliot's mouth is practically bigger than your whole head! You are a beautiful girl, and very sweet and patient, too.

  10. You must be made of cotton candy. I'll bet that ever-so-cute little face of yours is delicious!

  11. I have such a huge crush on you, Pinky Deluxe. It sure is a good thing that you are 3000 miles away from me, because I think if I were closer I'd insist on adopting you and then my husband would divorce me (geez, apparently only one pitty rescue is enough for him).

  12. yes! Puppys like to chew on what ever is around! I have one new knee!

  13. Haven't heard from U in awhile. Was Pinky ad

  14. Oh Miss Pinky Deluxe!! Where are you??? We haven't heard from you in such a long time. I hope Elliot didn't eat you up!

  15. Pinky, you surely won the lottery!
    I truly hope your knees will get back soon!
    Plus Elliot is surely making his most to keep you distracted!
    Ciao Lucille the Great Dane

  16. OMG I'm in LOVE look at that face. Nothing like a pittie face!! I just adopted my pittie foster dog...I'm happily a foster failure!

  17. Pinkie, waz' up??? Watcha been doin'?

    I want you to come live with us soooo bad!!! My mommy thinks you're a 'cutie pahtootie'. I dunno what that is, but it sounds pretty darn good. (If I didn't know she really loves me more, I might be worried about that!) Well, anywaaaay, she says 4 brothers and sisters are enough. How can that be??? I think there's just more to love!

    Bummer, dudette! What's new with you? If you can't come and stay, it would sure be nice if you kept being a pen pal!!!