Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am finally home

Where have I been you ask? I didn't disappear!

I've had a great summer meeting new friends all over the place since I came to Nice Lady and Nice Mister's house last winter. After a lot of fun with them, they told me I needed to "go out in the world and learn how to be brave", so I did. They sent me to live with Aunt Katie. Aunt Katie took me everywhere and my friends Toby and Sydney showed me how to not be afraid in new places. Such a fun summer being brave!

Lots of people asked to bring me home. Isn't that nice? Nice Lady told me that we needed to wait until my bones could tell us what they needed to be strong. I never heard of talking to bones before, but it seemed important.

We met many people called veterinarians who can talk to bones. They all stared at my knees and talked with serious voices about my "condition." I went to see a bunch of those people. They used big words like "dysplasia" and "arthritis" and "pain main-ten-ance."

They scratched their heads and stared at me some more. One nice man vet told us that I was broken in a lot of places - my knees, my elbow and even my hip weren't "made right." No wonder it feels funny sometimes when I get up in the morning. Aunt Katie gives me a special treat everyday that takes the pain away. She says I get these treats for the rest of my life.

Once the nice people knew more about my insides, they asked Special People Lindsay and Rich if maybe they still wanted me. Special People smiled big and said "Of course we do!" So I got to go home today and start my new life in my very own house. Special People have a little baby named Ace, so I get to be a big sister. I'm so excited.

It's been a fun summer. So many people kissed me and said they would miss me. I never knew I'd get so much love in this new life I have. It makes all my broken parts feel just perfect.

Welcome Home Pinky! With special thanks to Katie (left), Dr. Schwach and Deassa Binstock and the vet staff at Silverado Vet Hospital. And special thanks to Lindsay and Rich for waiting.. and waiting ... and waiting for your perfect little dog.


  1. I've been wondering and worrying about Miss Pinky. I'm so glad to hear she's found a special home! But I am sorry to find out she has so many physical problems. But, I know her nice new parents will do everything they can to make her happy and healthy. Congratulations!

  2. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. Love the blog.

  3. I sure do love a happy ending - thanks to ALL of the special people out there who have made this dog's life so liveable and peaceful :)

  4. Pinky! I've been wondering where the heck you've been. Well, it's been worth the wait! All the best in your new home, sweetie! Kisses on that pink nose of yours and MANY thanks to everyone who took such wonderful care of you!

  5. So I think Lindsay and Rich are officially the luckiest people on Earth. Congratulations to you both and congratulations to Pinky on finding her home!! :3

  6. Oh Miss Pinky Deluxe, I'm so gald you found you're forever home...they are quite lucky to have a wonderful dog like you!!

    Now go enjoy your life!!!!!

    <3 Bella and her Mom

  7. What a beautiful happy ending! It has been great hearing from you, Miss Pinky! Many wonderful adventures to you!

  8. This is such an awesome story....Pinky is beautiful. We recently adopted a dog from NH, an organization called For the Love of Dog. Erick could be Pinky's brother. We didn't think there was a dog out there that looked anything like him. His ears and and face are identical. We would love to send you some pics. You can contact us at Tony and Joanna