Sunday, November 7, 2010

I want to be a K-9 Good Citizen!

Happy Fall to Everyone! Life has been very exciting lately...

Yesterday we went to Ber-ke-ley to my school and guess what? Nice Lady and Nice Mister said I graduated to the next grade! Isn't that exciting? Now my Mom and me will be working very hard to prepare me to take my "CGC" test.

My Mom says it's really a shame that "playing soccer" and "helping in the garden" are not on that test because I am really good at both! She even took pictures of me to show you!

My Mom says that when I pass that test I will be something called a "K-9 Good Citizen" and everybody I love will be so proud of me and that she will put my certificate in a frame in the playroom! Wow! Until then I am going to practice real hard on my "stay"and "down" and "sit" and also "waiting patiently" while my Mom goes away for three entire minutes and leaves me with the nice lady or nice man giving me my test! Whew, that "waiting" one sounds a little scary to me, but Mom says I am very brave and I will be just fine after we get some practice.

(My mom said to include a link to more information on the CGC test for all of you out there, so here it is:

My Mom also said that we have to start thinking about teaching my little brother some school stuff too pretty soon, so I have been helping her with that too...

All of this studying is tiring! My Mom says that it's important that I get a good sleep while I am preparing for my big test.

Here I am with my pink kitty blanket working very hard on getting really "good sleeps!"