Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lady in red...............


  1. Red is a great color for you, next to pink of course...

  2. what a pretty pitty!!!! Motley, my ptibull hates wearing any clothes. hes got a hoody but when he wears it he just looks miserable haha

    check him out if you get a chance at
    he loves meeting new pitbull friends!!

  3. Oh Pinky, you are a vision. I think we could make beautiful puppies together what with our sticky-uppy ears and such. Except I don't have any boy parts left and I'm guessing you don't have any girl parts left. Maybe we could just make out a little? I'm a REALLY good kisser.

  4. Pinky, I love you so much!
    Snuggles, if she turns you down, come see me! Actually, I bet a lot of people are lining up to make out with you.

  5. pitbull friend, bring it on! I do have lots of people in my little black book that want to make out with me regularly, but I think I could pencil you in somewhere. Are you a good kisser?

  6. Nice to meet you, Pinky! You are a vision in red...

    Bella the Boxer