Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bestest Day EVAR!

Hi Everybody! Pinky here, just writing to tell you all about the lovely day I just had...

Well, I don't know about you all, but sometimes I get the winter blues....

Sometimes I just feel a little sleepy and a little more excited about goodies than about getting out and having fun, so this day was just what the Veterinarian ordered!

First, we got up and went to Pit-ed Canine Good Citizen preparation class where I performed my very best "stay" yet and clocked exactly one and one half minutes on the "three minute separation" from my mom. She was so proud of me and Nice Lady Linda C. said that I should be able to pass my CGC very soon! Yipee!

Well, after class, things got really exciting. My mom, dad, little brother Ace and I all went out to lunch with Nice Lady and Nice Mister (they had tacos, I had water). They had a little blue dog with them and his name is Arnie. I thought he was pretty cute and also pretty polite for a younger guy. After lunch we went to The Barn, where that little Arnie lives right now, and do you know who else lives nearby?

ELLIOT! My BFF!! Here I am introducing him to Ace. They really liked each other a lot (I knew they would)! We rolled around and laughed and played and told jokes just like old times. He's sure grown up, holy cow!! It was so wonderful to be out in the grass playing with my old pals.

I also got to play with Fazool... he lives at The Barn too.

He's a real sweetheart:) Oh,and here's me and that little blue guy, Arnie...

After the visit to The Barn, I thought we must be heading home, but no! We went over to visit a few more friends!Here I am with a little human named Kase. He knows how to treat a lady!

That's Ciara getting ready to give me a good back scratch and her BFF too! We had a bar-bee-que and I ate steak dinner with my pal, Flash! WOW, was that ever deee-li-ci-ous!!

After that dinner we both fell asleep on the couch, hee hee.

I was so tired after all of that F-U-N (my Mom says to capitalize when I want to emphasize) that I slept right through breakfast the next day! Ahhhhh, it's just so good to have good friends, don't you think?


  1. Are you even UNDER those covers at the top of the post? You must fold up real small like I do under the covers.

  2. OMG Pinky, I need to hang out with you if these are the kinds of days you get to have! We should go shopping on Rodeo sometime. I would even make us friendship pins to pin onto our shoelaces. If we had shoelaces! We should buy shoelaces on Rodeo. Escada shoelaces or something.

  3. My heart leaps with your good life, Pinky.

  4. Oh, what a wonderful day you had! I start my canine good citizens training tonight!

  5. Look at all the different people and dogs you get to meet. Being able to handle all those situations shows you'll do amazing with your CGC. Good luck on your training and test!

  6. I'm thrilled with Pink's happy ending. What a fun fun life!

  7. Thank you so much for continuing this blog! It makes me feel all warm and happy to see the great things going on in Pinky's life & her priceless expressions!

  8. You are doing so well and enjoy every dog and person you meet...You really appreciate everything that comes into your life and that is great....^_^

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  9. Pinky, a friend just told us about you. Do you think you might be the long-lost cousin of our foster, Gonzo Bunny-Ears? You look almost identical! I think Gonzo is a bit smaller though, at just 36 pounds . . .
    Hello from DC!
    follow our foster:

  10. How is her Pinkness? I'm in withdrawal! Just tell me she's fine & dandy, please.